Monday, June 27, 2016

E-file Your Ultipro, Evolution HCM, & PRO-WARE ACA XML with ExpressACAForms

Did you generate your ACA compliance data with Evolution HCM or a PRO-WARE software? Do you now need that ACA data to be e-filed with the IRS, but find yourself lacking the necessary Transmitter Control Code (TCC)?

Well look no further: ExpressACAForms is the best place to import that ACA data, no matter what format it’s in, and e-file it easily with the IRS. In addition to data that’s generated by Ultipro, Ultimate, Evolution HCM, or PRO-WARE, ExpressACAForms can also e-file data generated from any sort of ACA compliance software.

How Do I E-file my ACA Data to the IRS?
With ExpressACAForms, it’s very simple. Just sign up for an account to get started. Once your account is set up, you’ll add a small amount of information about your business, like the name, EIN, and person of contact.

Next, you’ll securely upload your ACA data in one of the following ways:
  • Using your own custom Excel template,
  • Using completed 1094 & 1095 PDFs,
  • Using a generated 1094/1095 XML file, or
  • Using any template format.
Once your upload is complete, you’ll signal us from your dashboard, and the program will begin generating your forms to send back to you for your approval. After you review and approve your forms, the program will transmit them securely to the IRS.

ExpressACAForms Features
When you e-file with ExpressACAForms, you automatically get access to these awesome features:
  • Bulk Upload- Upload the ACA information of all of your employees/recipients in a single file.
  • Data Validation- ExpressACAForms performs data validation checks for the ACA data you upload to help prevent common errors.
  • TIN Matching & IRS Business Rule Validation- Among the data validation checks are TIN matching and IRS Business Rule validation processes to ensure your forms meet IRS standards.
  • Unlimited Corrections- If anything went wrong during your e-filing and part of your return is rejected, we’ll notify you regarding any errors. You can then correct the errors and send them back to us for further processing.
  • Real Time Notification- On each and every step of the ExpressACAForms process, you’ll be notified regarding the status of your return.
  • Re-transmit Rejected Returns- If you needed to make any corrections, you can re-transmit the corrected return as many times as you need at no additional cost to you.
  • Cloud-based Software- With ExpressACAForms’s cloud-based software, it’s easy to access your account and complete your return from anywhere at anytime.
  • US-based Customer Support- Don’t hesitate to contact our US-based customer support for information about e-filing your ACA return. You can reach us via our 24/7 email assistance at, or give us a call (704-839-2270) or send us a live chat during our office hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET).

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