Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dare to Care with ExpressACAForms

ExpressACAForms is all about the Affordable Care Act, and, while it may not seem like it, the Affordable Care Act is all about caring. Okay, that may seem like a bit of a reach considering all of the rules and regulations you have to follow because of it now, but the idea behind it is to make sure you’re getting the health CARE you need.

But no matter how great your insurance provider, they can only do so much. Most of the responsibility for taking care of yourself falls on no one else but you. And, hey, sometimes that’s hard. Potato chips taste a lot better than kale, and to quote Anne Perkins: “Jogging is the worst! I mean, I know it keeps you healthy but, god, at what cost?!”

But at ExpressACAForms, we do care about your well-being. It’s why our unofficial motto is Dare to Care, and why we’re starting a blog series called “Dare to Self-Care,” which will feature simple ways to take care of yourself that don’t include jogging. After all, if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything, not even multiple full-time employees that are counting on you to file those ACA forms.

We’re starting with the foundation for this week’s self-care feature: foot massages. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, your feet have a huge impact on your well-being. A very large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the soles, and opposite ends of those same nerves are spread in all other parts of the body. You can think of your feet as a map of your whole body; when you massage them, you’re also stimulating other areas of your body:

Massages in general have extremely positive effects on overall health: they can improve metabolism, stimulate sweat glands, mobilize fat, improve blood flow, eliminate lactic acid, and facilitate digestion. Massaging and applying pressure on specific points of the feet can ease symptoms of various ailments and help improve and maintain healthy organ function.

It is recommended to massage your feet by firmly pressing certain points for a few seconds every night before going to bed for about 10-15 minutes, which is a pretty easy way to get a little healthier. Unlike that knot in the middle of your back, you can actually reach your feet yourself (although, it never hurts when someone else massages them). And unlike jogging, you can massage your feet while sitting and watching late night TV.

Stay tuned for more Dare to Self-Care blogs and, in the meantime, if you need an help or assistance with your ACA forms, give us a shout! We’re available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by live chat and by phone at (704) 839-2270; and we’re available 24/7 at

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