Thursday, November 12, 2015

Introducing ACE: The World's First E-Filing Superhero!

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No...wait, it’s a guy in an orange cape? Oh and his cape snagged on a tree. Yep, he’s down. You see, that’s why capes just aren’t practical.

Ahh that sounds like Ace, the world’s first e-filing superhero. Ace no longer wears a cape, but he does still fly around, helping wherever he can.

No one’s really sure where Ace came from. He just sort of appeared one day. According to his YouTube channel, he was born in a lab, created by scientists “Frankenstein-style.” It was here that he was exposed to high levels of radiation and C-SPAN videos about the Affordable Care Act, somehow giving him the abilities of flight, super-strength, and infinite knowledge about the ACA.

Ace has vowed never to rest until his arch nemesis, Confusion, is defeated once and for all so that ACA forms may be e-filed in peace and harmony. While she apparently has yet to be defeated, no one other than Ace seems to have ever seen her. He just kind of appears, answers questions people have, and abruptly leaves to continue to “fight the good fight” against her.

Ace doesn’t have a utility belt, but he considers his most important tools for fighting Confusion to be his “super awesome brain” and When he’s not dropping in (sometimes quite literally) and answering questions about the ACA forms themselves, he regales the city with tales of the ease and speed of e-filing with ExpressACAForms.

“They’ve made the questions easy to understand and provide help text for every step of the way,” Ace said in his most recent address to the public. “And my sidekicks in Rock Hill, South Carolina - where ExpressACAForms is based - are every bit as helpful and knowledgeable as I am! Maybe even more so, as I’ve equipped the fish guarding their office with psychic Confusion-fighting abilities!” Ironically, his last statement that day did cause a bit of confusion in the crowd, which Ace was then quick to clear up.

So he’s not exactly Superman. Okay, okay, he barely beats out Hindsight Lad as far as superpowers go, but he’s trying his best. Plus he refuses to leave until Confusion is gone forever, so we may have to get used to seeing him around. But, hey, at least he does everything with a smile.

For help e-filing from one of Ace’s “sidekicks,” give us a live chat us or call at (704) 839-2270, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, or send us an email anytime at!

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