Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ace and the 1095s

You heard correctly, taxpayers: Ace is back from his time at ExpressIRSForms to continue helping the “citizens” of ExpressACAForms understand the new Affordable Care Act forms and the e-filing process.

Worried over what mayhem Confusion’s minions may have wrought in his absence, Ace immediately begins canvassing the city. Much to his surprise (he was gone for a whole day, after all), things seem to be carrying on peacefully. The taxpayers aren’t pulling their hair out or banging their heads against desks over IRS docum--

Flying into the office building he heard the cries coming from, Ace finds a taxpayer yelling at his computer, unknowingly under the influence of Confusion. At the sight of Ace, Confusion disappears in a wisp of smoke, leaving only the disgruntled employee and the slight scent of bewilderment. Choosing to focus on the task at hand, Ace addresses the employee instead of chasing after the twisting trail of Confusion.

Ace listens as the employee tells him that he knows they’re a large company and so he thinks they have to file Form 1095-C for each employee but he doesn’t know what he needs to report. “A good question indeed!” Ace exclaims before he launches into one of his world-famous explanations:

“Well that’s not so bad. And as the Human Resources guy around here, I already have most all of that information! I don’t know why I got so confused,” the employee admits to Ace.

“Twasn’t your fault, taxpayer,” Ace explains to the employee. “Confusion can make fools of us all! And if you need any more help, don’t yell out your window: simply contact one of my sidekicks at ExpressACAForms. They’ll help you file these forms in a snap!”

And with that, Ace flies off to wherever else it is that he is needed.

And if you need us to help you with your e-filing, give us a call, live chat us, or send us an email. We’re available by phone and live chat Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST and by email 24/7 at!

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