Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why You Should Be Covering Your Employees' Dependents

If you read the fine print of the Affordable Care Act (or the summary on the IRS’s website), you’ll notice it doesn’t just mention your full-time employees when talking about to whom you’re required to offer minimum essential coverage.

In order for the health insurance you offer to meet minimum value - and therefore ACA compliance - it must also extend to the dependents of your full-time employees. And under the ACA, dependents include children and adopted children, up to the age of 26.

Even if you offer health insurance to all of your full-time employees, if it fails to cover their dependents, you can still incur an ACA penalty. Not covering the dependents of your employees signals that the coverage doesn’t meet minimum essential coverage and value, a.k.a. isn’t in compliance with the ACA.

And when you aren’t compliant with the ACA, you start incurring IRS penalties, in this case, the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment.

When you sign on with ACAwise, our year-round compliance software can help you keep on track with your coverage offers. We’ll alert you to any risks that may indicate your compliance is slipping, and after creating your 1094 and 1095 Forms, we’ll run them through a series of error checks to ensure your ACA reporting is correct.

With ACAwise, there’s virtually nothing to worry about when it comes to your ACA compliance, so why not get started today? Request a demo or sign up now to get everything squared away for the upcoming ACA filing season and beyond!


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