Friday, November 11, 2016

The 1095 Forms

There are some pretty important forms you need to add to your tax season repertoire: the Affordable Care Act 1095 Forms.

Think of these forms as the W-2s of the health care coverage the ACA requires you to offer and report on each year. You’ll report certain information about the coverage you offered to each person you offered that coverage and with the IRS on these 1095 Forms.

Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage
We’re foregoing alphabetical order to better explain how these 1095 forms work. Form 1095-C is the form that’s completed by all Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) for their full-time employees. ALEs are employers with 50 or more full-time employees who are thereby subject to the ACA’s employer shared responsibility provisions.

To complete Form 1095-C, you’ll need:
  • Employee information (name, SSN, address)
  • Employer information (name, EIN, address, contact info)
  • The Plan Start Month for each employee
  • Offer of Coverage Codes for each employee
  • The Employee Share of Lowest Cost Monthly Premium per month
  • Spouse and dependent information (name, SSN/birth date, months covered)
  • Section 4980H Safe Harbor Codes (if applicable)

Form 1095-B, Health Coverage
Form 1095-B is filed by everyone else who provides health care coverage throughout the year. That means small businesses, insurance agents, certain government agencies, and anyone else who provided minimum essential coverage to taxpayers.

To complete Form 1095-B, you’ll need:
  • Filer information (name, EIN, address, phone number, and contact info)
  • The total number of 1095-B Forms you’re filing
  • Recipient information (name, SSN/birth date, address)
  • Coverage type, broken down by month
If you’re using Form 1095-B to report Employer-Sponsored Coverage or coverage provided by another user, you’ll also need that other entity’s name, EIN, address, and contact information.

Form 1094, Transmittal Form
Each Form 1095 comes with its very own Form 1094 (B or C). This is the transmittal form that summarizes the 1095 return it’s accompanying to the IRS. That’s right, this one just goes to the IRS, not your employees/recipients.

When you e-file with ExpressACAForms, we’ll automatically create your 1094 Form for you based on the information that generates your 1095 Forms, all of which are IRS-authorized and made ready to e-file immediately. Check out our site to learn more about these and our various other features, all of which are designed to make your ACA filing as fast and simple as possible.

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